Humble Beginnings

For my first post I thought I’d share my home office setup and lab environment. My daily driver PC is an Asus Zenbook with an 11th gen i7, 16GB of memory, an NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphics card, and a 500GB SSD. I’m choosing to stay with a laptop for now so I can easily swap peripherals with my work laptop. This decision left me in a spot where I’m very limited with compute to run virtual network labs. I may add a server to my rack in the future for virtualization and emulation.  

On to the (maybe) more interesting bits. My network rack consists of 3 Cisco 1921s running software version 15.7(3)M2 and  HWIC-1DSU-T1 cards. Below are 4 ethernet switches. Two are WS-C3750-48TS-S on 12.2(55)SE9, one WS-C2960G-24TC-L running 15.0(2)SE11 and one WS-C3560-24TS on version 12.2(25)SED1. This kit is really old but fortunately the fundamentals of networking haven’t changed in quite some time. Finally, are two Raspberry Pi 4 4GB models running Raspbian 10, kernel version 5.10.17. Both RPis have Free Range Routing version 7.5.1 installed as well as Python and Ansible.

Sticky notes courtesy of my amazing girlfriend.
Yes, that is a giant foam cowboy hat.

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