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Back in mid-February, I sat and passed Cisco’s 350-401 Enterprise Core exam. The final crunch before the exam wore me thin so I took a few days of rest and celebration. The current CCNP structure requires passing a core exam and 1 concentration exam within the same track. During my ENCOR studies I was torn between ENARSI and ENSLD as my concentration. I spent some time reviewing the exam topics list for each and decided to pursue the ENSLD 300-420 Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks exam to complete my CCNP. I chose ENSLD to gain more insight into “why” before diving into “how”.

After determining my next certification goal, I spent some time researching study resources and began developing a plan that will likely evolve over time. Once I had a rough draft of an ENSLD study plan, I took a few weeks off from daily tech studies to read a riveting Cold War based novel. Now that I have finished the book, it’s time to get back to studying!

To ensure credibility, I will publish my ENSLD study plan after passing the exam. I’m sure I’ll post a few blog articles along the way too. Stay tuned!


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