ToS Byte Reference Sheet

This morning I put together a spreadsheet all about the Type of Service byte and it’s associated DSCP and ECN markings. Feel free to download it and reference or modify it as you see fit.

AS Boundary Links in IGP?

Lately I’ve been focusing on honing my BGP skills to prepare for the ENSLD exam. While this isn’t a configuration focused exam, I’ve been spending some lab time on it to reinforce design concepts. I built out a 29-node lab in Cisco modeling labs featuring eBGP, iBGP, route reflectors, BGP confederations, and eBGP third party

OSPF in Phase 1 DMVPN Networks

When designing hub and spoke networks, most architects will opt for distance or path vector routing protocols when given the choice. I don’t blame them, distance/path vector provides several benefits that work well in hub and spoke topologies. EIGRP based hub and spoke networks can scale to thousands of spokes without much work. Route summarization

Back to the Books

Back in mid-February, I sat and passed Cisco’s 350-401 Enterprise Core exam. The final crunch before the exam wore me thin so I took a few days of rest and celebration. The current CCNP structure requires passing a core exam and 1 concentration exam within the same track. During my ENCOR studies I was torn